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New version introduces 'significant' memory and performance optimisations

PathEngine SDK 5.30 goes live

Version 5.30 introduces significant memory and performance optimisations, and a number of tweaks.

According to a statement released to the press, the key 5.30 updates include:

– Some rationalisation and reorganisation of preprocess components (with some API changes)

– Extension of the ‘small convex split’ pathfind space optimisation, with the possibility for non-convex boundaries to now be wrapped by convex hulls and included in the optimisation (can very significantly reduce the complexity of pathfind space operations in some situations)

– Extended findClosestUnobstructedPosition query, with support for better resolution from arbitrary 3D targets and the possibility to specify unobstructed space connectivity constraints

– Extended support for memory allocation customisation (SDK allocations now all go through a virtual allocator interface, making it possible to customise allocations in all cases and on all platforms, not just when DLL linkage is being used)

To see a full list of changes visit PathEngine’s change log.

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