Boomeo teams up with Astralis

Boomeo, a training platform for popular competitive FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, announced over the weekend that they would be partnering up with CS:GO champs Astralis.

Boomeo is a content portal for those looking to improve at the shooter in addition to a series of modified servers that replicate a series of difficult situations including tough bomb retakes, and clutch wins.

Astralis will now play on Astralis servers exclusively to warm up and train for competitions. They’ll also be helping on the content side too, with several members of Astralis producing instructional content for Boomeo throughout the summer.

Boomeo is only a couple of months old, and hosting tips and tricks from a world-class CS:GO side is a massive boon for encouraging people to try out the platform. For Astralis, it’s a good way to ensure the organisation remains profitable. Astralis have a unique model: launched in 2016, Astralis are the first esports outfit to be co-owned by its players. After winning the ELEAGUE Major in 2017 and getting the lion’s share of the $1,000,000 prize pool, the deal with Boomeo should shore up their recognition as one of the biggest name’s in esports.

Especially after they teach you how to smoke-rush B on Dust 2.

“We’re excited to work with Boomeo on innovative educational content and specific skill training. For us it’s about continuously developing as a team and as individuals, and to constantly move forward,” said Frederik Byskov, the manager of Astralis, in a press release.

”The competition in CS:GO is fierce and cooperating with professionals like Boomeo is a part of our strategy to constantly improve to stay ahead.”

Simon Abitbol, the founder of Boomeo, added:

“I am extremely excited for Boomeo to be partnering with Astralis. They are some of the world’s best players and their feedback will be tremendously helpful to improving our current mods, and designing future ones. We’ll be producing some amazing training content with them as well, adding to our ever-growing library, so Astralis fans will be able to learn directly from their heroes.”

Astralis aren’t the first outfit to have partnered up with Boomeo. Cloud9, compLexity, CLG, G2 Esports and SK Gaming are all involved, in additional to several key figures from the world of CS:GO. Those wanting to try it for themselves can have a two-day free trial, with a monthly subscription running to $9.99.

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