Draco Esports Call of Duty roster departs organisation after a single day

Just a day after signing with esports organisation Draco Esports, the teams Call of Duty roster has now decided not to sign with the org, after allegations came to light about the behaviour of the organisations CEO.

The team, Nick ‘Happy’ Suda, Steven ‘Diabolic’ Rivero, Remington ‘Remy’ Thringer and Tanner ‘Mosh’ Clark all agreed to sign with Draco Esports after the organisations CEO, Joey Amoruso, offered the team $4,000 in salary per month, which Clark said was good enough to get the roster interested.

Dot Esports spoke to Clark, and broke the story. Clark said: "The number was right and he wanted to pay up front, so we thought it might be a good move. Then this guy has Nike, Razer, and all these other nice sponsors he brings up. We didn’t ask many questions besides making sure our end of the deal (salary and travel) would be covered. But the next day, people started contacting us and other management saying these companies had no idea about Draco."

The strengthening rumours that these sponsors had never existed, paired with Clark claiming a teammate found a Twitter accountwith a homophobic slur in its name posting from 2014 talking about rape and using multiple other homophobic slurs, was unacceptable to the Roster. "As soon as we saw that, we got our contracts voided,” said Clark.

Dot Esports has the rest of the story.

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