EU LCS caster Richard “Pulse” Kam moves to cast the LPL

Richard "Pulse" Kam, a member of the EU LCS casting team, has announced that he is leaving Europe to cast the LPL. 

In a lengthy statement on Facebook Pulse revealed that he wanted to cast for a different audience and give the EU LCS viewers a break from his work. 

Pulse has been a divisive caster for the EU LCS. Some people love his style while others, who unfortunately seem to be the vocal minority, do not like his work at all. He admitted in his post that he reads bad feedback about himself far too much and this has impacted him a lot. As a result he is going to the LPL to improve his casting away from the eyes of the people that hate is work. 

“Consider this my training arc,” said Pulse. “Every half decent anime protag has to go through one and 2017 will be mine. I hope that with the time away and the experience I will acquire from the Aussies I’ll return to international screens better than I’ve ever been.”

“If I had to pick some goals it would be that when you see me next, Pulse WutFaces will be Pulse PogChamps, and forum threads won’t read “I hate his hair, he’s the biggest Weeb imaginable and his casting sucks” and it’ll just be the first two. Seriously though, I want to be good enough to the point where it’s no longer a dispute as to whether my work is good or bad and instead, people choose to like or dislike me on other factors like my personality or the fact I am indeed a disgusting weeb (not going to change).”

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