Ex-Misfits GM launches Overwatch team Laser Kittenz

Former Misfits GM, Ali Saba, has founded new competitive Overwatch team Laser Kittenz.

Combining former players from Bench Boys and a selection of new recruits, Laser Kittenz is comprised of Finley "Kyb" Adisi, Sergi "Winghaven" Torras, Luís "Greyy" Perestrelo, Carl "crems" Aspehult, Nikolaj "Zaprey" Moses and Herman "Nesh" Kobrin. Coaching duties fall to Chris "spazzo" Infante with founder Ali "Alicus" Saba left to support operations across the team.

Laser Kittenz will be focusing on the upcoming Overwatch PIT Championship, but ESPN reports that the team already has talks underway to secure funding for the official Blizzard Overwatch League, which starts later this year in September.

“We’re all very excited about the upcoming Overwatch League," said Saba. "It is a new approach to the competitive aspect of gaming, and obviously that is what we are here to do. We have been in talks with some entities that are interested in buying into the league, but we are all waiting on more clarity from Blizzard before we commit anywhere.

"We’re in no rush to take a deal, our focus is entirely on how to best utilize the talent that we have at hand and we fully intend to give the viewers something worth watching,” he continued. “I’m excited to work with these players, and I believe the lineup has all the tools to surge to the top.”

Many of Laser Kittenz players have competed at the top level of Overwatch tournaments in the past, including Winghaven. With regards to joining Laser Kittenz, he said: "I’m really happy to compete and be on a solid team again, with Alicus in management, whom I met in Korea back in APEX season 1 and have a lot of respect for, so I’m really comfortable with the project."

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