Gabe Newell is doing an AMA later today

Co-founder of Valve, the publisher behind both Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Gabe Newell is set to do a rare AMA on Reddit later today. 

It’s not often that Newell speaks publicly, so this opportunity for fans to ask him literally anything has got a lot of people excited. Many want to know about the whereabouts of Half Life 3, but the chances are that Gabe’s answers will be more about Valve’s current products such as Dota and CS:GO. 

The AMA starts at 11pm (UK time) today, January 17th, on r/The_Gaben.

Anyone with a question for Gabe can post it in the comments of the thread, then the man himself will go through and answer the ones he wishes to. 

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