Halo veteran Aaron ‘Ace’ Elam released by Team Liquid

Aaron ‘Ace’ Elam, one of Halo’s most well-known professionals, has found himself cut loose from Team Liquid just a few days before roster lock for the HCS Pro League.

Elam announced the news on Twitter, tweeting to state that he was released from Team Liquid’s roster on Monday.

It’s a confusing move for Team Liquid. They were having a poor run of form before a trade with Str8 Rippin that saw them trade Tim ‘Rayne’ Tinkler for Elam. With their new star player, the team went undefeated for the rest of the season with Elam on the team, claiming a third place spot. Two weeks ago, Liquid snagging a fourth place finish at DreamHack Atlanta.

As a result, Team Liquid’s decision to cut Elam loose is puzzling, and this close to roster lock they must have another player waiting in the wings, although nothing has yet been confirmed. We’ll find out in a few days when the new team rosters are confirmed.

Roster lock will no doubt be an interesting time as we’ll also see where Elam ends up, if indeed he’s picked up. He’s been playing Halo competitively for over a decade, so it seems like teams would be scrabbling to pick him up for fall season of the Pro League.

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