Hearthstone’s Ben Brode raps about Journey to Un’Goro

When Blizzard revealed the latest Hearthstone expansion fans were generally quite happy, and all seemed good in the world. Then someone noticed that the announcement trailer didn’t have a song in it and all hell broke loose.

Fortunately a thread on Reddit about the lack of a song caught the attention of Game Director Ben Brode, and he was persuaded to make a song himself. The results can be seen below.

Yep, that is Hearthstone Game Director and senior memeber of Blizzard rapping about the new Hearthstone Expansion. And surprisingly he is quite good. It starts out a little rough, but once he gets into the swing of things it really starts to get good.

Next time we are in a karaoke bar we may be tempted to pull this one out and confuse everyone who is watching.

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