Invasion eSport accused of withholding prize money as players leave the org

StarCraft II players Kevin "Harstem" de Koning, Juan Carlos "MajOr" Tena Lopez and Julian "Lambo" Brosig have left the Invasion eSport organisation, claiming that they are yet to be paid owed prize money. 

Harstem was the first to leave the team, announcing on Twitter that he was owed prize money from DreamHack Montreal. 

As of today I am not longer part of Invasion esports,” said Harstem. “The main reason is that we haven’t been paid out our DH Montreal money yet. Neither major or me has received DH Montreal pricemoney and the man in charge seems to have dissapeared off the face of the earth.”

MajOr’s manager then confirmed that he would also be leaving the team, saying that he was owed $6,000 from DreamHack Montreal and $1000 from DreamHack Valencia. 

Following this news Lambo then took to Twitter to announce that he was in the same boat, and had not been paid owed prize money. As a result he has also left the team. 

“Invasion still owes me money too and with the man in charge having dissapeared, I will leave the Team aswell,” said Lambo on Twitter. 

Invasion eSport is yet to comment on the situation. 

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