Laser Kittenz release second player this week, as Lee ‘Claris’ Keon-ho departs

Lee ‘Claris’ Keon-ho has been released by Overwatch team Laser Kittenz, just a few days after his South Korean teammate Byeon ‘Munchkin’ Sang-beom.

Keon-ho and Sang-beom signed for Laser Kittenz after leaving Lunatic Hai in April after just a few days with Lunatic-Hai. 

Keon-ho is leaving Laser Kittens to try and land a role in the Overwatch League, according to a tweet from Laser Kittenz: 

"After receiving interest from teams already in the Overwatch League, claris has communicated his desire to pursue those tryout opportunities," said LaserKittenz via Twitlonger

Laser Kittenz is in the Overwatch Contenders inaugural season, which kicks off this week. They’ve taken the entirety of July off over the Overwatch World Cup to give their players time to rest, but this brings their roster down to six players. 

"As for the rest of us, we have been, and still are, exploring the full scope of our opportunities within the OWL. The OWL is, for obvious reasons, the end goal for any top professional team and player in Overwatch, and all of us very much want to be in it. So far, it has been our goal to stick together as a unit, and replicate everything that you love about Laser Kittenz on the biggest stage of all. We will continue pursuing this while we discuss plans moving forward." 

Laser Kittenz has said they’ll reveal more information soon. 

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