Overwatch pro Carl ‘crems’ Aspehult parts ways with Cloud9

Carl ‘crems’ Aspehult announced on Tuesday that he is no longer competing with Cloud9’s Overwatch team, and he’s searching for a new one.

In a tweet, Aspehult said that he’d be willing to try out for any role, although a focus on flex tank/Lucio.

The Swedish Aspehult is well known in the European Overwatch circuit, playing with S2gods before joining up with Laser Kittenz in march. When Cloud9 purchased Laser Kittenz roster last month, Crems came under the C9 banner. It seems this wasn’t to last. Last week, Ryan ‘CrusaDe’ Van Wegen left the team. Cloud9 own an Overwatch League slot in London, but haven’t yet made any announcements about that roster. It’s unsure where that leaves the roster that Cloud9 acquired, but Aspehult and Wegen at least aren’t part of the organisations long term plans.

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