Smash player Nairo was the halftime entertainment for the Sacramento Kings’ last match

Super Smash Bros 4 player Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada was the halftime entertainment at the last Sacramento Kings NBA match. 

The NRG Smash player was brought in by the team to play against Caleb “8BIT Roc” Patton, a local Smash player who won a tournament to face off against Nairo. The two played in a five minute timed exhibition match, with Nairo unsurprisingly winning 7-3. The two played in the middle of the court during halftime, while the teams were still warming up around them. 

The co-owners of the Kings, Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov, are also owners of NRG, the organisation that Nairo is signed to. As Nairo was already in the area for 2GGC: Civil War they decided to bring him in to see how receptive the NBA audience would be to eSports. By all accounts it went pretty well, with Nairo saying the crowd enjoyed it. 

“Completed the Exhibition. Got the victory too. Now to enjoy the rest of the game,” said Nairo on Twitter. “It all went well btw, many people enjoyed it/said good job to me when I was walking back to my seat! NO BOOS EITHER”

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