Team YP adds a Street Fighter player to its Overwatch roster

Team YP, the eSports organisation owned by YouPorn, has announced that it will add Valentin “Valmaster” Petit to its Overwatch roster.

Valmaster is better known as a Street Fighter player, but is looking for a new challenge and is picking up Overwatch. He will join the rest of the team, which is made up of some of the best Evolve players in the world. However the team has not found as much success in Overwatch.

“We were looking for hard working players who have experience in the gaming industry and who know what it means to be a part of a team,” YouPorn vice president Brad Burns told Dot Esports. “If that person was a top tier player, great! But that’s not part of the criteria. Our main goal is to help them grow, so we try to support any travel needs they have. Whether it’s helping them to get to and from tournaments or if they need more team practices or bootcamps, since not all members are in Paris, we support that as well.”

Chances are this won’t have a massive impact on the team, as they have struggled so far in Overwatch, however it is interesting to see Team YP put so much stock into its Overwatch team having being banished from many other top eSports.

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