Team YP return to Smash Bros, signing Griffin ‘Fatality’ Miller

Team YP, the esports team sponsored by adult website YouPorn, has signed Super Smash Bros 4 players Griffin ‘Fatality’ Miller.

This marks Team YP reentering the world of Super Smash Bros, a world they entered for the first time by signing Smash players Jason ‘Bizzarro Flame’ Yoon in 2015, who retired from professional Smash play in 2016 to refocus on his career as an attorney. Yoon, recognised as one of the best players in the professional scene, lent Team YP some credibility, and they’re no doubt hoping Miller can recapture that after the organisation has gone through a period of dormancy, after a well publicised launch helped by associated to the YouPorn brand.

Miller is a Captain Falcon main, and made waves by coming second in the 2GGC: Civil War tournament in March during a run that saw him face off against Smash veterans like Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrious and Elliot Bastien ‘Ally’ Carroza Oyarce. He’s the 28th-ranked Smash 4 player, according to rankings provided by Panda Global.

Eyes will now be on Miller as he competes at Gwinnett Brawl this weekend in Duluth Georgia. You can see a full statement from Team YP here.

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