Terry Crews might be about to appear in Overwatch

Actor Terry Crews may be in line to voice the next Overwatch character after a fan campaign and a trip to Blizzard headquarters. 

After much digging around in the game and its lore fans seem to have concluded that the next Overwatch hero will be called Doomfist. One image in Overwatch shows silhouettes of Doomfist, and he seems to be an incredibly well built man, with more than a few similarities to Terry Crews. Once fans discovered this a campaign to get Crews into the game was started, and the actor himself picked up on it, saying he would be up for doing it.

Now another piece has been added to the puzzle, as Crews headed over to Blizzard HQ last week. Multiple tweets from Blizzard employees show pictures of them with Crews, both World of Warcraft Cinematic Project Director, Terran Gregory and character artist Renaud Galand tweeting pictures with the big guy. 

This isn’t confirmation that Crews will be Doomfist, but it sure is starting to look like a real possibility. 

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