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Perry warns of Steam danger

Industry veteran and Gaikai founder Dave Perry has warned that while Valve’s Steam network is obviously a very appealing proposition for publishers, companies should be careful about handing over their digital futures to the digital retail powerhouse.

When you outsource your digital strategy you are giving away your customers,” he told MCV.

Like iTunes, Steam has made it so easy and they have lots of users. So if you give them your product then you will start receiving cheques from them. And that’s very convenient.

But now people are starting to think about their own digital future. How long do you wait before you take control of your own digital strategy? Would you say, ‘here take my digital customers, and I’ll see you later?’

Like with iTunes, at some point it is going to be too late. Just try and negotiate your royalty rates now with Steve Jobs. At some point I think the same thing is going to happen with Steam. Steam is growing and it is growing fast, and they are making it easier and easier. But it’ll be interesting to hear what the publishers do.”

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