Konami designer Takatsuka says team 'weren't prepared' for current gen

PES team admit mistakes

Having once again promised a radical overhaul for its series when it first revealed PES 2011 last month, Konami’s famed designer Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka has admitted that his team “weren’t prepared” for the arrival of the next generation of machines five years ago.

Konami recently flew several members of the specialist press over to Tokyo for some hands-on time with the game – an unusual move for a development team that normally keep their cards close to their chest.

And speaking frankly of the series’ recent struggles both critically and commercially, Seabass confessed to Eurogamer: “As the leader of the team, I really wanted to create PES 2011 at the start of the current generation of consoles, but from the PS2 to PS3 that timing was very difficult for us.

The full story can be read on MCV.

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