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Phil Harrison brings surge of confidence to Atari UK

Atari’s UK managing director Jeremy Wigmore has told MCV that the combination of the publisher’s new global bosses David Gardner and Phil Harrison has given the domestic office a surge of confidence”.

But Wigmore was also quick to warn his team against thinking it will be an easy ride to success now the hotshots are in place.

Wigmore told MCV:

Looking at the combination of Phil and David’s appointments from a UK perspective, it’s great news. We’re looking forward to a far more productive year at the UK office anyway, and I think generally people like David and Phil have given the company a huge lift.

There is definitely a surge of confidence going through the whole group. They’re well respected industry names and you can’t fail to be excited about where it goes from here.

Let’s not beat around the bush – it’s still going to be tough, but things are looking a lot brighter.”

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