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Pirates claim PS3 hack success

With piracy rife in the Wii, Xbox 360, DS and PSP markets, the PS3 has to date proved the only current-gen machine to successfully fend off the hackers – but it seems that things could be about to change.

According to reports on Maxconsole, a lengthy and convoluted workaround has been discovered that allows users to play pirated copies of Killzone 2, PES 2008 and Burnout Paradise.

Users are also required to have an older PS3 (i.e. not a ‘Slim’ machine) onto which third party OS software can be installed as well as copies of Windows XP, the original MotorStorm and a host of piracy-related DVD software.

The exploit, however, has been met with widespread scepticism amongst many in the hacker community, not least because of the extreme cost and effort needed to implement it.

Even if the hack is real, any detrimental effects are likely to be minimal for now. The fear, however, is that this method could be the start of full-fledged hacking of Sony’s console.

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