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PlayStation announces plans for GDC 2018

If you’re a PlayStation developer, or are thinking of bringing your next title to the console, then Sony has a wealth of activities planned for this year’s GDC. Talks feature examples from the company’s best-known franchises. While internal business and technology specialists will be on the stand to provide assistance, as well staff from independent development studios.

Most exciting is the wealth of PlayStation-related talks to attend, featuring the top tier of the company’s first-party offerings.

Horizon Zero Dawn: A QA Open World Case Study looks at a 21-month testing lifecycle for an open world triple-A. Lighting and anti-aliasing in Detroit: Become Human. Naughty Dog will talk character development in open-ended areas from Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and Santa Monica will present on using Substance Painter to create God of War’s creatures, among many others. Full details are here.

If you need assistance, then Sony’s main stand will be situated at Space 601 in the South Hall. It will feature ‘Tech Kiosks’ on Development Tool and PlayStation HDR Development. Game Kiosks showcasing recent and upcoming titles, such as Shadow of the Colossus and Guacamelee! 2 and VR titles such as Moss and Bravo Team.

In addition, developers will be able to ask business questions to the Third Party Developer Relations team, but appointments need to be made

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