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PlayStation Neo – Sony confirms September 7th event

Remember those rumours of a PlayStation event in New York on September 7th? Sony’s just confirmed it.

The platform holder hasn’t explicitly stated that the gathering will be the first public unveiling for the PS4 Neo, but that seems an absolute certainty – especially as the event will be livestreamed. It’s also going by the name ‘PlayStation Meeting’, too, which was shared by the event in which the original PS4 was revealed.

PS4 is a beefed-up version of the current PS4 that we already know a lot about. The lingering question is whether Sony will try and move this late in the day to address the fact that Microsoft’s rival Xbox Scorpio, itself a supersized Xbox One, packs far more impressive tech-specs.

In fact, in a recent Periscope chat, US journalists Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker both stated that they had heard Sony was indeed making some late spec changes to ensure that Scorpio does not win the power race. How accurate this is remains to be seen.

The PlayStation Meeting will take place on September 7th at 8pm UK time.

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