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PlayStation Plus overhaul tipped for E3 reveal

Sony will use some of its stage time at E3 convincing consumers to sign up to a reinvigorated PlayStation Plus subscription service, a report claims.

Eurogamer has word from multiple sources” that Sony will offer the dangling carrot of more top tier” free games.

Part of this shift will be a fresh focus on Vita, with not just free content but also exclusive games for PS+ subscribers. In addition, new cloud services will allow Vita owners to back up saves and content over the air, ending the need to hook up to either a PS3 or PC.

In addition, PlayStation Plus content manager Ross McGrath is obviously finding it hard to bottle his enthusiasm on Twitter, saying: "By the way, if you don’t have a PS+ subscription, now is the time to get one. For real. Just get 3 months if you aren’t sure. Trust me."

Eurogamer goes on to speculate that a tiered membership system is likely, with the free games being offered varying according to a grading system. The top payers will get new releases, possibly on day one, while lower grade members will have to wait.

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