PlayStation handheld trails behind iPhone, iPad, 3DS and Minecraft

PS Vita selling 11,000 units a day

Sony’s PS vita has sold more than 2.2 million units worldwide since its launch in December.

The figure, confirmed to by Sony, means that since its launch in Japan, Vita has sold approximately 11,000 units a day.

Apple meanwhile recently revealed in its financial report for Q2 2012 that it had sold roughly 390,000 iPhones a day, whilst iPad sales had hit 130,000 a day.

Since its release in February 2011 meanwhile, Nintendo’s 3DS has sold just under 38,000 on average every day.

Compared to cheaper software such as Mojang’s hit indie title Minecraft, Vita still trails behind, with XBLA sales recently revealed as 17,000 a day.

Vita however has sold more units than free ArmA II mod DayZ has garnered registered users, which stood at just over 8,000 a day as of August 6th.

Despite the comparisons, it should be noted that the Vita has a much higher pricepoint than the 3DS, which itself was forced into lowering its sale price after a poor start. The console is also targetted at a different market to Apple’s products.

Vita is also going through a re-launch after a successful Gamescom which saw Sony reveal a number of new impressive IPs for the handheld, including Media Molecule’s papercraft game Tearaway.

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