Sheila Ryan, VP of global human resources for Glu Mobile, reveals the firm’s ambitious expansion plans for 2016

Recruiter Hot Seat: Glu Mobile

What differentiates your studio from other developers? 
Glu’s track record of delivering exceptional mobile game entertainment across many genres comes from our development philosophy.

It’s important to us to take risks and evolve with the industry, which gives our whole team an enormous amount of autonomy and ownership.

Our teams rely on collaboration and teamwork to achieve their goals, so we do everything we can to create a culture of knowledge sharing and flexibility. 

How many staff are you looking to take on?
We’re positioned for a big year of growth in 2016. In addition to creating new content for our current hits, our teams are hard at work on more than ten new titles. As such, we’ll be hiring to fill positions for both new and existing teams.

What perks are available to working at your studio? 
The best part of coming to work at Glu at any of our locations is the people you work with – the development environment truly supports collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Glu-ers enjoy comprehensive compensation and benefits packages, but we’re also proud to offer onsite amenities and programmes to keep our teams happy and productive. Each studio has its own culture and identity, with perks unique to that location.

Across all locations, our goal is to encourage organic development of culture and identity. Whether it’s Nerf gun battles, mobile beer carts, organic produce, playtests doubling as ice cream socials, fitness classes or ugly sweater competitions, Glu supports whatever makes a team feel like a team. 

What should aspiring devs do with their CV to get an interview with you?
Spend time tailoring your CV to the position you’re applying for by researching Glu and the role you’re applying for. Use what you learn to make your CV as specific and personal as possible. Include links to work that you’re proud of – maybe you have a indie project, portfolio or blog. 

Also, play some Glu games. You’ll have fun, and you’ll learn about the work that we’re most proud of. You’ll be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in Glu and passion for mobile gaming. That’s what makes a candidate stand out right away. 

Who is the best interviewee you have ever had – and how did they impress you?
Our interview process is designed to give candidates a clear idea of how our teams work together to achieve goals.

Recently, an engineering candidate came on-site for a multi-session interview. His technical acumen was outstanding, but what blew the team away was his open personality and obvious commitment to collaboration and teamwork.

The cross-disciplinary interviews are not easy, but the designers and artists who interviewed this candidate saw immediately that his ability to work with other disciplines was a perfect fit for the studio. 

What advice would you give for a successful interview at your studio?
The most successful interviews are with candidates who have prepared throughout the hiring process by learning about the team and role they’re applying for. 

During the interview, candidates can tap into their skills and passion to demonstrate why there’s an excellent mutual fit.

We want candidates to leave feeling like they’ve had the opportunity to flex their skills, but also knowing that their goals align with our future success.

If you have recruited internationally, what is the process like? 
We’re proud to be a global company, with studios in five countries across three continents. We’re able to consider candidates from just about any locality and can offer relocation assistance and immigration support.

How have your recruitment needs changed at your studio? 
Mobile game development is a fast-paced sector. A shorter development cycle, data-driven decision making and diverse audiences makes mobile a truly exciting space to be in.

We’ve created new positions in all disciplines in response to the ever-changing needs of our development teams. 

Why should developers join you when indie and self-publishing have become so much more accessible?
Our developers at each Glu studio are given significant creative authority to make the games they want to see in the market, but are also supported by the leadership and resources of Glu HQ. 

Our employees find a lot of satisfaction in the fact that they can develop IP and make decisions with their teams, but also have access to tools, resources and programs that would otherwise not be available to indie developers.


Country: Multiple; HQ in San Francisco, US

Who are you looking to hire?:
Glu is currently hiring bright, hungry, innovative people who are psyched about the mobile games industry. Studio roles include designers, product managers, engineers, artists, QA and producers. Candidates looking to make an impact in operations will find opportunities in creative services, business intelligence, finance, human resources, IT, legal, marketing and sales

Where to apply: or

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