“Looking back on my journey, I’m genuinely surprised that I didn’t give up throughout those hard times” – The Chinese Room’s Gabriela Woch

Gabriela Woch, junior 3D game artist at The Chinese Room, talks about pivoting into games, how her autism affects communication at work, and her ambition to invent a new archetype

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“We have worked hard to create an environment where people enjoy coming into work and feeling empowered, but also listened to” – Firesprite in the Recruiter Hotseat


The Liverpool-based studio Firesprite is hiring! Sharan Bassi, senior recruiter, tells us more about the studio.

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“The first time somebody was reading the dialogue, I had to leave the room. I was too embarrassed.” – How adamgryu overcame writer’s block and creative burnout in the development of a Short Hike

We take a look behind the scenes of A Short Hike, a game born from a creative burnout that has a lot to say about the artistic process

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“There are many challenges that you face when you are an independent studio but knowing why you’re different and the values that you stand for are the most important!” – Firesprite’s Graeme Ankers

Every month an industry leader wraps up MCV/DEVELOP with their unique insight. This month, we talk to Graeme Ankers, MD, Firesprite.

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