“We have worked hard to create an environment where people enjoy coming into work and feeling empowered, but also listened to” – Firesprite in the Recruiter Hotseat


The Liverpool-based studio Firesprite is hiring! Sharan Bassi, senior recruiter, tells us more about the studio.

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“The first time somebody was reading the dialogue, I had to leave the room. I was too embarrassed.” – How adamgryu overcame writer’s block and creative burnout in the development of a Short Hike

We take a look behind the scenes of A Short Hike, a game born from a creative burnout that has a lot to say about the artistic process

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“There are many challenges that you face when you are an independent studio but knowing why you’re different and the values that you stand for are the most important!” – Firesprite’s Graeme Ankers

Every month an industry leader wraps up MCV/DEVELOP with their unique insight. This month, we talk to Graeme Ankers, MD, Firesprite.

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