Unsigned – Shapeshifting in sci-fi roguelite Morbid Metal

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Morbid Metal is a sci-fi, action roguelite, where players can shapeshift into unique characters to slaughter enemies with powerful combos.

Felix Schade

Developer: Felix Schade

Location: Cologne, Germany

Team size: 1 person, full-time

Progress: production, working on a demo.

Contact details: business@felix-schade.de


Atmospheric showcase of the environment and one of the playable characters

What is Morbid Metal about?

Morbid Metal is an action roguelite game that offers a unique twist on popular combat systems, letting players simultaneously shapeshift into up to 4 different characters in real-time, each with active abilities and unique traits. This allows for satisfying, high action inter- and intra-character combos, enabling players to slaughter enemies left, right and center in stylish fashion. Diverse combat encounters and intense boss fights are fought through by players in semi-procedurally generated environments that can graphically compete with triple-A games.

Who do you think the audience is?

Hack ‘n’ slash, sci-fi and action lovers, alongside fans of roguelites. The gameplay focussed experience is designed to also appeal to asian markets, already gathering a worldwide following with many fans in Japan and the US. Even players who just want to jump into the game and slaughter some enemies after a long day of work will get their dose of dopamine in the power fantasy that is Morbid Metal.

Concept for a character that is currently under development

What experience does the team have?

While I have been developing games for about seven years now and graduated with a B.A in Game Design in 2019, Morbid Metal is my first commercial project.

Why did you decide to use Unity to create this game?

As a solo developer with a project of this scope, it is really important that I have as many tools in my disposal as possible. Unity offers close to everything I could ever need for the project’s development, including high fidelity graphics thanks to HDRP.

Dummy enemy seconds before annihilation

How long will it likely take to complete?

Morbid Metal has been in pre-production for around 3 years, refining the core game loop and nailing down the combat system. In late 2020 I decided to go full-time and started production, which I estimate to take until late 2023. However, the game is a great fit for Early Access. I am working towards a fully fledged demo, to be finished early 2022.

What kind of support are you looking for?

Primarily, I am looking for porting, marketing and localisation. While the social media marketing of Morbid Metal is already doing really well, I would greatly benefit from a great network in the Asian markets for publishing and marketing. Of course, funding is also something I am interested in, as I am currently paying the production cost out of my own pocket. Funding allows me to increase the scope of the project, as well as speed up the development dramatically, as I could either form a full-time team or outsource on a larger scale.

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