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Remastered version of Day of the Tentacle coming to PlayStation

Classic adventure game Day of the Tentacle is coming to PlayStation as a new remastered version.

Day of the Tentacle Special Edition will join the similarly revamped release of Grim Fandango and Kickstarted title Broken Age, with all three titles landing on PS4, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux.

The announcement was made at Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2014 event in Las Vegas last Saturday.

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, who created all three games, additionally announced that Grim Fandango will be released on January 27th next year.

Broken Age and Day of the Tentacle are yet to be dated, but Broken Age has been confirmed to be targeting an early release in 2015.

Broken Age was Schafer’s first point-and-click adventure game since Grim Fandango, and is one of Kickstarter’s biggest-ever crowdfunding campaigns to date, raising $3,336,371 from 87,142 backers.

Both Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle were published in the 1990s by LucasArts.

The studio had been rumoured to be developing a remastered version of the latter title up until its acquisition by Disney in late 2012, which led to the project being halted.

Schafer thanked LucasArts as he revealed the return of the game.

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