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Retail at odds over 3DS XL pricing

Nintendo won’t issue RRPs in the UK, so retail is this afternoon having its best guess regarding the price of the upcoming hardware.

And the early guesses suggest no-one really knows

First off, Play.com has gone with an RRP and sale price of 179.99. ShopTo is selling the device for the same price (well, 179.84) but estimates an RRP of 199.99.

On the other end of the scale Zavvi is selling the device for 209.95, though it reckons the RRP is a whopping 249.99.

That’s a 70 difference between the three retailers. Which means all we can be certain of is that Nintendo has not yet communicated the handheld’s trade price.

The machine has been given a US RRP of $199.99, pointing to something around the 180 mark in the UK.

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