Forza Motorsport 5 - Retail Essentials

Release date November 22nd 2013 Price n/a
Format Xbox One
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Forza Motorsport 5 - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at the latest entry in Microsoft's Forza series and the revolutionary new Drivatar AI system. 

Forza Motorsport 5 is released on November 22nd. 

The new Drivatar system means that AI rivals learn how players drive. This means computer controller opponents use realistic tactics, as well as real mistakes. 

The career mode ensures players always have things to do – each turn holds a new challenge or event to compete. Gamers can compete against their friend’s times in various challenges for both in-game currency and bragging rights.

The multiplayer mode is made both fast and fair by Smart Match technology – this pits gamers against rivals of a similar ability.

Players have access to over 200 cars – these include classic sports and tuner cars, as well as, for the first time, open-wheel vehicles such like F1 cars.

Both the cars and the tracks take real damage – this varies from roads gathering tire rubber and debris as the race goes on, to cars acquiring bumps and scratches in their paintwork.

Gamers can take part in Top Gear challenges such as racing The Stig and speeding round a Power Lap on the Top Gear Test Track while the hosts of the show commentate and give their insight.

The Forza Motorsport series began in 2005 and is viewed by many as Microsoft’s competitor to Sony’s Gran Turismo series.

The first title in the series launched on the Xbox in summer 2005 and was praised for its revolutionary physics engine.

Since then there have been another three entries in the main series and the Forza Horizon spin off which deviated from the formula by being less realistic and using an open-world.

The series has sold 15m units since it began only eight years ago.

Forza Motorsport 5 marks the entry to the new generation of the highest-rated racing franchise of the current generation – and it looks amazing.

The development team at Turn 10 has been working hand in hand with the platform team to really understand and leverage the architecture of Xbox One and the power of the cloud – tapping into the 300,000 servers that power the console.

This is evident in the incredible amount of realism delivered in the game – from stunning graphics that reflect minor flaws in paintwork, the tiny nicks in metal alloys or the worn carbon effect on brake discs – we use the phrase ‘the perfection of imperfection’­ when we talk about recreating real world cars in Forza 5.


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