Game & Wario: Trade Spotlight

Release date June 28th 2013 Price n/a
Format Wii U
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Game & Wario: Trade Spotlight

This trade spotlight looks at Game & Wario.

We detail the in-game features and marketing plan for the game. 

Nintendo senior product and experiental Natasha Chatur also tells MCV why Game & Wario should be the next game for Wii U owners to seek out.

Game & Wario is released on June 28th.



- The party game brings players 16 mini-games to play using the specifics of the Wii U and GamePad device.
- The characters and madcap style of WarioWare is back to shake up Wii U consumers.
- ’Gamer’ sees players control characters 9-volt or 18-volt as they play games in bed. Then, in WarioWare style mayhem, consumers must tackle a range of mini-games on the GamePad, whilst keeping an eye out for 9- volt’s mother on the TV screen.
- Other games transform the GamePad into a criminal-catching camera and allow players to solve puzzles, ski down mountains and become a taxi driver during an alien invasion.
- Multiplayer games are also available to get up to five players involved at once. Mini-games suitable for more than one player include the Pictionary-esque ‘Sketch’, rhythm-based ‘Disco’ and ‘Fruit’, a game that sees players attempt to identify a GamePad user stealing apples based on TV screen crowded with suspects.
- Players can also unlock a range of fun in-game toys when they reach certain stages of Game & Wario.


GAME & WARIO had a UK hands presence at MCM London Comic Con and Nintendo’s pre-launch campaign continued with social media through its Facebook and Twitter channels, PR, online displays, kids TV adverts and in- store POS support.


Natasha Chatur, senior product and experiental manager:

Game & Wario is the next step from microgames to minigames. So whilst it has appeal to WarioWare fans through minigames – such as ‘Gamer’, the ‘Chick-n-Win Mega Collection’ and seeing Wario, Jimmy and 9-Volt back in action – it also has features and playability to appeal to a wider audience of Nintendo fans and kids. Add to this the innovative way it uses the GamePad controller and this is a firm choice for the next game to play on Wii U.



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