Harry Potter Kinect

Release date October 12th 2012 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Warner Bros Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Lauren Wainwright

Harry Potter Kinect

The film saga might have ended but Harry Potter fans can celebrate once more with the release of Harry Potter Kinect on Xbox 360 – just in time for Halloween.

Players can join Harry and the whole cast back in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in an all-new controller free experience.

Gamers will attend the school, interact with professors, students and new friends as well as call out all the famous spells from the franchise to cast against opponents or to brew potions and fly on broomsticks.

Aspiring witches and wizards can take part in Quidditch matches to catch the Golden Snitch and battle against the franchise’s nastiest villains.

“Harry Potter for Kinect will engage Harry Potter fans old and new by bringing them into the wizarding world as truly active participants,” said Warner Interactive’s senior vice president of production and development Samantha Ryan. “Kids and parents will enjoy recreating their favourite Harry Potter adventures, from flying a broom stick in a Quidditch match, to battling pixies and duelling other wizards.”

Harry Potter Kinect is a great game for any wizard-loving family looking for some magical mischief this October.

For all those eager to project themselves into the game, players can create a witch or wizard character in their own likeness that will become part of the gameplay through Kinect’s scanning technology.

Training wizards and witches can practice their spell casting by calling out magic utilising the Kinect’s voice recognition capabilities. Give Expelliarmus a go.


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