Journey: Collector's Edition Trade Spotlight

Release date June 7th 2013 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Distributor -
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Journey: Collector's Edition Trade Spotlight

This trade spotlight looks at Journey Collector's Edition, a boxed release of three of ThatGameCompany's critical acclaimed titles.

We detail the in-game features and marketing plan for the game. 

Sony UK product manager Lucy Duncan also tells MCV why Journey is worth getting on disc.

Journey: Collector's Edition is released on June 7th.



- Journey: Collector’s Edition brings together three critically acclaimed titles from thatgamecompany in a boxed physical release.
- BAFTA-winning Journey is a title placing importance on the art and emotion of the experience. This platformer, of sorts, sends players across a desert to reach a distant mountain and on the way they will come across other gamers taking the journey,
- The other two games included are Flow, which sees players take control of multi-segmented worm- like creature and Flower, where consumers control the wind and blow petals through the air.
- This collector’s edition also includes mini-games, developer commentaries and the original soundtracks for all three games. Consumers can also enjoy an exclusive Journey ‘making of’ video.
- Players will also receive 24 avatars and PS3 themes and wallpapers, as well as the credit- free clean ending of Journey.

SONY is promoting the game through ECRM,, social media channels and PR, targeting both the core gamer community and fans of the titles. The PlayStation Access channel will also form a key part of the activity.

THIS is a great buy for not only newcomers to the games but also those that own them digitally. They can finally get their hands on them on one Blu-ray disc with added content.
Given the critical acclaim and download success of this title we expect it to do very well on its Blu- ray release. Having looked at the buzz so far, there are a lot of fans of the titles who own it digitally, who are keen to also own them all on one disc. So with this together with the appeal to a new audience we have high hopes.


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