Sports Champions 2

Lauren Wainwright

Sports Champions 2

Sports champions is the most successful PlayStation Move title, and its sequel introduces a whole host of new events.

Additional sports include Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Gold, Bowling and the all new Archery event. Returning modes are the single player Cup Play and Free Play, both with plenty of little enhancements to improve the experience.

Elsewhere, the Avatar creator allows gamers to fully customise their character; with a large range of options including clothes, animations, sounds and styles. More outfits, equipment and accessories are also unlocked through gameplay.

Meanwhile, players will no longer have to calibrate the Move controllers, taking the pick-up-and-play experience to a whole new level. Users will also notice a new level of accuracy and precision from the Move controller. There’s even 3D TV support for those lucky enough to own such technology.

As well as photo capturing with the PlayStation Eye camera to share on Facebook, gamers can enjoy a huge host of events for the whole family in time for the Halloween festivities.


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