Super Mario 3D World - Retail Essentials

Release date November 29th 2013 Price n/a
Format Wii U
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer Nintendo Contact n/a

Super Mario 3D World - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at Mario's 3D Wii U debut, complete with multiplayer for up to four people. 

Super Mario 3D World is released on November 29th. 

Mario and friends are back, this time leaving the Mushroom Kingdom for the new Sprixie Kingdom. Bowser kidnaps the Sprixie princess and the gang follows the villain to rescue her.

The game builds on the 3D?platforming seen in Super Mario 3D Land – this 3DS title sold very well and appealed to both casual and core gamers.

Gamers can play as one of four characters, each with their own unique abilities – Luigi can jump further, Peach can glide and Toad can dash for longer, while Mario is the all rounder of the group.

Up to four players can play multiplayer both offline and on. This is the first time four players have been able to play in a 3D Mario game.

New transformations are available for our heroes, including the Cat, allowing the gamer to run faster and scale walls. Double Cherries duplicate players allowing for many more characters on the screen.

Returning transformations include the Tanooki suit, Propeller Block and Boomerang. Mega Mario also returns letting gamers wreak havoc on the world. Notably characters can now shoot fire balls through pipes to attack unsuspecting foes.

Players can also pick up and wear items from the world. These include Cannon Blocks, letting fans fire shots at enemies, Light Blocks that allow the player to defeat ghosts and the Coin Box which generates coin as the player walks.

The GamePad is put to good use – fans can rub the touchscreen to reveal hidden blocks or freeze enemies in their tracks. It can also be used to place stamps collected from the game into pictures for Miiverse posts. Players can also compete against Mii Ghosts in levels for best times.

While Nintendo has made many Mario games, the Super Mario series is its best selling series, as well as the best selling games series of all time. Since 1985, it has sold in excess of 300m units.

The original NES Super Mario Bros title alone has shifted 40m units. To date there have been 19 games appearing on every Nintendo console since the NES.

The first 3D title was 1996’s Super Mario World 64 on the N64, which is regarded by many as one of the best games of all time. Since then the series has headed to a holiday resort for the GameCube’s Super Mario Sunshine and into outer space with the Super Mario Galaxy series.

The basic formula of the series – jumping into blocks, enemies and collecting power ups to reach the end of the level – has not changed in the last 28 years, but new mechanics have been added as time as has gone on, keeping the series fresh with each iteration.

Mario is the perfect title for families this Christmas. Not only is it a title that family members of all ages will enjoy, but it's the first multiplayer 3D Mario platformer ever. Super Mario 3D World is also great for more traditional gamers – it features many different and challenging worlds as well as new power ups and Miiverse functionality.

This blend of multiplayer, fun and challenging courses means that there really is something for everyone. We're really excited to see how fans react to the game, initial reaction to the trailers and the artwork has been really positive and we expect this to be reflected in the sales in the run up to Christmas.

Nintendo has long believed that software is the key to selling hardware. We saw this reaffirmed with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and we're positive that Super Mario 3D World will continue this trend. It’s great for friends and families to be able to play together.

Super Mario 3D World also makes good use of the Wii U hardware. functionality. 


Prior to the game’s launch, Nintendo will be using Facebook to target Mario fans, as well as an online campaign. The platform holder will be launching a TV campaign aimed towards families and kids which will highlight the key aspects of the game and the Wii U hardware itself.

After the game launches, Nintendo will be continuing its marketing over the festive period. This will be achieved via online and TV channels.

Prima is releasing a hardback game guide letting players get the most from the game. Included in this book will be a calendar and an art section.

Nintendo is also releasing limited edition red or green Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus. controllers


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