Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch, and features cross-platform play

Rocket League, Psyonix’s car-based game of put the ball into the hole, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, during a Nintendo Direct on Tuesday.

Those of you looking to take Rocket League on the move have your answer in a version for the Nintendo Switch, which will be coming later this year.

Better, it’ll feature cross play, meaning the Xbox One Windows 10 and Steam versions of the game will all be able to cross play with this PC version. The PS4 will not be able to crossplay, as it seems that Sony chose not to be included for cross-platform play.

Rocket League on the Switch will also have a local Wi-Fi option, similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for facing off against people in the same room.

As you might expect from a port to Nintendo’s newest console, it’ll feature a raft of Nintendo items as cosmetic exclusives. Promised were Mario and Luigi caps, but don’t be surprised if this goes further and all of your Switch playing friends are driving around with Samus’s helmet from Metroid taped to the top of their vehicles.

Here’s a trailer, but it doesn’t show much of anything.

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