Mobile games giant further expands its platform base

Rovio backs Flash with Angry Birds edition

Rovio has built a new version of its smartphone games sensation Angry Birds that plays in Flash.

Yesterday the Finnish studio took stage at Adobe’s Max event in Los Angeles to demonstrate the game running in Flash Player 11, Adobe’s newest web standard for rich media.

“Rovio will bring the full Angry Birds experience to the Flash platform” in the next few months, according to the studio’s general manager Andrew Stalbow, as quoted by InsideSocialGames.

Since Angry Birds’ trailblazing debut on iPhone, Rovio has expanded the game across a multitude of platforms, from Android to Google Chrome and Google+. The studio has plans to bring the game to other platforms such as 3DS, PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade.

There is no suggestion that Rovio plans to eventually release Angry Birds on Facebook’s games platform.

Angry Birds was ported to Flash using the Starling framework, an ActionScript 3 2D framework, Rovio said.

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