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Rumor: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC uncovered

An image from an unknown source has surfaced showing off apparent upcoming multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Originally picked up by Reddit (via Eurogamer), the image itself shows off a handful of multiplayer characters, such as the Geth Infiltrator and Engineer, Batarian Soldier and Sentinel, the Asari Justicar, and the Krogan Battlemaster.

The source allegedly downloaded "test DLC" from a developer server, which ultimately unlocked all DLC for the title.

Additionally, there’s speculation by some that this could be the DLC included with Mass Effect 3 action figures; though BioWare previously stated add-on content was ‘slightly randomized’ and could include a range of items and features such as new characters, weapons, upgrades, or mods.

Label all this a rumor for now, as neither BioWare nor EA has yet to comment on its validity.

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