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Sam Houser: People want to put Rockstar out of business

Media-shy Rockstar founder Sam Houser has told MCV that the biggest challenge of his career so far has been powerful people” who have tried to put Rockstar out of business”.

Speaking exclusively in the latest instalment of our MCV Legends series – and naming no names – Howser said that certain elements had tried to drive the label out for "political and economic" gain.

Houser added that his lifelong inspirations and the amazing talent and humbling genius” of his colleagues have made these threats easier to face up to – and had driven him and his team to produce classic title after classic title.

Houser told MCV: [My biggest challenge has been] surviving in an environment in which powerful people want to put you out of business for their own political or economic capital.”

To read the full MCV Legends interview with Sam Houser, click here.

And take a look at Sam Houser’s career to date – in his own words – here

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