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SFIV heading to iPhone

It’s a series known for its complicated and precise six-button combos. It’s a series that has spawned many dedicated joypads and joysticks. And now Capcom has said that it wants to bring Street Fighter to the button-less Apple iPhone.

More specifically, IGN has confirmed that Street Fighter IV is currently in development for iPhone. Capcom has for many months been figuring out the best way to port that game and has seemingly opted for a virtual joypad and four virtual buttons along with a host of customisation options.

Assets from the console version of SFIV will be used meaning that, visually at least, the game will remain authentic to current versions. The same can be said of the gameplay, with the full roster of moves – including Ultra Combos – set to be included.

Only series favourites Ken and Ryu have been confirmed so far, though the publisher promises a far larger roster of characters in the final version.

Local multiplayer is included, too, though it will be limited to Bluetooth with no mention of online.

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