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First clues to mysterious Call of Duty released; Seriesâ?? roadmap remains unclear

Sledgehammer confirms work on Call of Duty FPS

The co-founder of new studio Sledgehammer Games has teased the first details about the developer’s upcoming debut foray into the Call of Duty franchise.

Speaking via Twitter, Glan Schofield stated: “Three new employees started this week. We are growing fast but still make sure we maintain our high hiring standards. It’s a AAA team.

“Working with military guys – their stories will blow you away. Names/locations will change but some situations going in the game- real stuff! Picking composers for the game. Fun stuff, think we found a great fit. Audio will be better than what we did on Dead Space.”

Concrete details for the game are thin on the ground. In March Activision said that the game “will extend the franchise into the action-adventure genre”. And after a bit of confusion about whether or not it will be an FPS, Sledgehammer’s homepage has finally confirmed that it will be.

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