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Slowing GTA IV sales could boost EA bid

Despite lifetime sales of nearly 8.5 million copies worldwide, the

recently announced August NPD figures

have raised fears that sales of Take 2’s Grand Theft Auto IV have slowed unexpectedly – raising concerns that it might affect EA’s ongoing bid to acquire the publisher.

CNN reports that Take 2 has been using GTA IV’s success as its reason for arguing that EA’s $2 billion undervalues the firm. However, if despite its phenomenal start Rockstar’s game fails to reach its lifetime sales expectations, Take 2’s position may weaken.

GTA IV was the 46th best selling game in North America in August, down from the 45th position it held in July.

As a must-have game, we expect GTA IV sales to continue at an energetic pace,” a Take-Two spokesperson said. EA refused to comment on the story.

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