Some physical versions of Mafia III on PC are missing activation codes

Some of the Mafia III Deluxe Editions on PC are missing an activation code, meaning people are not able to play the game.

In the Deluxe Edition the game comes as a physical disk, or six, to install it to your PC. However a code is required to activate the game on Steam, as is standard nowadays with physical PC releases. This code should be printed on a manual inside the box but, as spotted by Kotaku, multiple customers are reporting that there is no manual and thus no way to activate the game.

The short version of this is that they are unable to play Mafia 3, despite having all of the correct disks to run it and having purchased it legally.

Multiple people have experienced the issue, posting reviews and questions on Amazon. Some claim to have contact 2K support, and have been told that they key will be emailed to them, although many report still being unable to play. Others say they have received a refund from Amazon.

94% of the customer reviews on Amazon US are one star as a result of the issue.

No official word has come from 2K on the issue.

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