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Some US Wii U owners left stumped by Project Zero

The digital-only release of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (known as Project Zero in the UK) in the US has left some unable to play the game.

Kotaku reports that the eShop download weighs in at 15GB. Nintendo has to date released two versions of the Wii U – the 8GB Basic and 32GB Premium. Owners of the former, as a result, do not have sufficient space to download the title.

This isn’t the first time a game has exceeded the 8GB Basic storage limit, of course. Xenoblade Chronicles X weighed in at 22.7GB and Smash Bros at 15.6GB. However, where Fatal Frame differs is that it is in the US a digital-only release.

Wii U owners are able to get around this should they choose by attaching an external hard drive to their machines. But that a game has been released that requires some owners to invest in their additional hardware simply to run it has certainly ruffled a few feathers.

In the UK the game is also due to be released physically on October 30th.

The PS4 and Xbox One launched with 500GB internal hard drives. Both have subsequently also been released in 1TB (1,000GB) versions.

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