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Some Vita titles require external memory card

It has been revealed that some games for the PlayStation Vita will require the use of an external memory card to save game progress.

Vita games purchased on the High Street take the form of small proprietary memory cards. Many of these will save a player’s progress directly onto the cartridge.

However, Kotaku reports that some do not offer this functionality, instead requiring the use of an external memory card plugged into Vita.

So far it has been confirmed that the following titles will need a memory card: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Disgaea 3, Hot Shot Golf 6, Monster Radar, Dream Club Zero and @Field.

Obviously, any title that is purchased digitally over PSN will require the use of a memory card.

Sony has yet to announce the UK price for the Vita’s proprietary memory card format, but with Japanese prices ranging from 20 to 80 don’t expect them to come cheap.

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