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Still no plans to open own studio in the territory, as SCE India focuses on partnerships

Sony committed to Indian developers

Sony’s country manager for India, Atindriya Bose, has affirmed the company’s commitment to development in the country, citing the various partnerships offered to developers based in the territory.

Speaking with Gameguru.in, Bose revealed that Sony still has no immediate plans to set up a studio in India – a country that continues to court a reputation as an emerging hub for the international game development community.

“We have gone into lot of different modes of partnerships,” explained Bose. “Like the Hanuman game, we are doing the publishing so we have underwritten a lot of cost of development. In other cases, we might be working with not underwriting but on a royalty share basis.

“So there are different modes. But we have definitely brought in, given them on loan the development kits, given subsidised middleware engine, put in technological resource that is continuously handholding, writing and brushing out the ages of the program in London. So in all forms, whether financial, technological equipment, we will do everything to create this market.”

Bose also said that Sony expected, and was getting, what he called “some sort of positive foot forward” in return for its support. The head of Sony’s Indian operations also touched briefly on similar support from the government in the country.

Speaking of Sony’s perspective on the Indian development community, Bose confirmed: “We definitely recognize the potential. We are doing our best.”

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