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Likes of ESRB and PEGI will overview Minis in their jurisdiction

Sony details Minis ratings process

As well as confirming that PSP Minis will block DLC and wireless multiplayer features, Sony took stage at GDC Austin to reveal more about its handheld policy.

Sony’s powerpoint slideshow has been pictured and published by Joystiq, revealing that PSP Minis can be released globally, though publishing agreements need to be made within each territory of release.

Furthermore, Minis must be subjected to rating reviews by each territory’s certification body, such as the ESRB in the US and PEGI across Europe.

Sony insisted again that the majority of past UMD titles will be available on PSPgo as a digital download, as will future UMD games.

The platform holder also stated it will not provide peripheral support for PSP Minis, understandably so for an entirely digital service. Nevertheless, a Minis equivalent to Nintendo’s pedometer-bundled DS title Walk With Me will not be an option for developers.

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