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‘Sony has captured the hearts of indie retail’

Top independent chains have told MCV that PS4 is already ‘winning the war’ against Xbox One.

Games Centre’s MD Robert Lindsay says the platform holder has done the better job of winning over independent retailers with its level of support.

Sony has definitely captured the hearts and minds of the independent sector,” said Lindsay. We’ve had fantastic support from CentreSoft and Sony for the PS4 launch, which has helped make it our biggest launch ever.

Chips MD Don McCabe added: They’re winning the war. Sony has the enthusiasm and they want to be No.1.”

McCabe says Sony’s hands-on approach has led his PS4 orders to top demand for Xbox One five to one.

SCE sales director Alex Coultate says indies are crucial for PlayStation.

They’re really important to us,” he said. We view the specialist sector as GAME and independents. There’s just a huge amount of focus on them.”

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