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Sony set to announce first mobile games this year

Sony will apparently announce its first set of mobile games before the year is out according to a report.

The report from Nikkei reveals that Sony is planning on announcing its first foray into the mobile games market this year, but the games themselves may not hit until March 2018 in Japan and Asia. There is currently no confirmation that any of Sony’s mobile titles will hit the west.

Sony’s mobile publishing arm, ForwardWorks, will be handling the distribution side of things, while core Sony Interactive Entertainment teams will be working on the actual development.

Interestingly the report mentions that some older titles that are not available on the current generation of consoles may be ported over to mobiles, which hopefully means titles such as PaRappa the Rapper may live once again. It also mentions that some of the mobile games may be linked to consoles as well, although specifics were not given.

Of course the PlayStation brand has dabbled in mobile development before, but the titles were always locked into the Sony line of phones meaning they never really took off as they perhaps should have done.

The new strategy seems to be taking a similar line to Nintendo’s where PlayStation IP’s will pop up on iOS and Android devices, much like the upcoming Mario Run.

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