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Sony spending £82m on Euro marketing

In its biggest statement of intention to date, platform holder Sony is to spend a massive 82m on its European marketing push for its RRP reduced and redesigned PS3 Slim.

The UK spend in isolation will total 6m.

The campaign will be fronted by a brand new TV ad, created by TBWA London, that represents a radical departure from the artistically lead and often cryptic advertisements of old.

The 30-second creative clearly outlines many of the PS3’s key selling points, including streaming music video service VidZone, the upcoming BBC iPlayer integration and the console’s Blu-ray movie functionality.

Two years after launch PS3 is realising its full potential,” SCEE UK marketing director Alan Duncan explained.

User-generated games like LittleBigPlanet are making gaming truly open-ended. In the new campaign, we showcase the new experiences that can start from a PS3, such as catching up with the latest BBC shows on BBC iPlayer, or playing football tournaments with people from around the world via the PlayStation Network”.

It’s Sony’s first major ad campaign for its console since it was first released over two years ago.

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